Joe's Pizza & Ribs

The Ozzie $12.00 The Supreme $12.00 The Gutbuster $12.00
The Girly $10.00 The Childrens $9.00 The Pussy $10.00
Anchovies $2.00 Cheese $2.00 Mushrooms $2.00
Olives $2.00 Salami $2.00 Fingernails $2.00
Garlic Bread $2.00 Fish eyes $2.00 Ham $2.00

The Ozzie
picture of the Ozzie pizza
The Supreme
picture of the Supreme pizza
The Gutbuster
picture of the Gutbuster pizza
The Girly
picture of the Girly pizza
Childrens Pizza
picture of the Childrens pizza
Pussy Pizza
picture of the Pussy Pizza
We close at 10pm so hurry
Ring now on 8654654